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Coastal Weed Management

Coastal weed removal in the Bega Valley Shire.Coastal weeds threaten our unique coastal vegetation communities, particularly near urban and other populated areas.

Council's efforts in regulating the management of coastal weeds have been running in a strategic program for over 10 years in a partnership with National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS), LandCare, LALCs, and the NSW Environment Trust.

Several associated rehabilitation projects have been running for a number of years. Partners include: local Landcare, Dunecare and other community groups, Local Aboriginal Land Councils, Far South Coast Councils, Southern Rivers Catchment Management Authority, National Parks and Wildlife Service, the Department of Primary Industries Crown Lands Division and extends south along the Gippsland coast in Victoria.

The Coastal Weeds Project is linked to a number of other projects which include weed management, dune rehabilitation, native vegetation restoration, riparian and estuary restoration, protection of the endangered Little Tern and rehabilitation of coastal littoral rainforest, a Boneseed control program among other programs.

Key to involving the community is an extensive education and awareness program with community activities and Field Days along with development of information displays and flyers.


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