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Waste Vouchers

On 21 November 2012 and again in September 2015, Council resolved to provide waste disposal vouchers for use at Council's waste and recycling facilities.

While the total value of the voucher program has not changed, in October 2016 the decision was made to split each voucher into two smaller volume vouchers.  This enables residents to present their vouchers for smaller loads.

Each waste disposal voucher entitles the property owner to dispose of half (0.5) cubic metre of general waste at no charge, subject to restrictions on particular waste types.

Waste disposal vouchers are provided to all rateable properties and are intended to assist with the cost of disposing of larger bulky household items, for which kerbside collection services are not available.

It is anticipated that the provision of waste disposal vouchers will assist in reducing illegal dumping incidents, by providing an incentive for people to take their excess household waste to a Council waste and recycling facility.

Issuing of vouchers

  • Vouchers are issued twice annually for each rateable assessment and are included with the first rates and charges notice issued each financial year and again in December;
  • Vouchers are unique and identified by the rates assessment number and imprinted with property information via a barcode;
  • Vouchers are imprinted to prevent copying / fraud.

What does a Voucher Allow?

Each voucher allows free tipping of either:

  • Up to half (0.5) cubic metre of general waste (to landfill) and does not include asbestos or other waste that is not permitted to be disposed of in the landfill, for example liquids, chemicals, tyres; OR
  • Up to one (1) cubic metre of garden waste (for recycling only and not available at the Bemboka, Candelo or Cobargo sites); OR
  • Up to one (1) innerspring mattresses (for recycling); OR
  • Redeemable forn one (1) cubic metre of compost or mulch from Merimbula tip (subject to availability) OR
  • A combination of the above, provided that the different waste types are separated and the dollar value of the load does not exceed the equivalent of half (0.5) cubic metre of general (mixed) waste, as per Council’s adopted fees and charges and subject to the following section, "Use of Vouchers for Part Loads".

Use of Vouchers for Part Loads

Vouchers may be used for partial payment for loads with a dollar value greater than the equivalent of half (0.5) cubic metre of general (mixed) waste, as per Council’s adopted fees and charges provided that:

  • The remaining part of the payment must be met at the time of disposal, by cash, cheque or EFTPOS (where available); and
  • The waste is household waste and is not delivered in a load exceeding two (2) cubic metres.

Use of Multiple Vouchers

  • You may present either a single or multiple vouchers for any single load.

Multiple Loads

  • Multiple loads will not be accepted with a single voucher.

Credit and Financial Matters

  • No credit is provided for loads presented, which do not take full advantage of the dollar value of the voucher;
  • Vouchers are not transferrable and are not redeemable for cash;
  • Vouchers expire on July 31 following the date of issue.

Record Keeping

  • Vouchers are retained by the attendant at the waste facility at the time of use;
  • The use of vouchers will be recorded in Council's electronic records management system.

Missing Vouchers

  • Missing vouchers, which have been lost, discarded, etc will not be replaced;
  • Vouchers which are returned to Council in the mail ("return to sender"), due to non-delivery of the rates notices may be replaced at the request of the ratepayer, subject to Council confirming non-delivery. Replacement of a voucher due to non-delivery of the rates notice is contingent on Council receiving updated postal address details for the ratepayer, on the applicable change of address form.

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