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More flexible public space use policy proposed

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More flexible public space use policy proposed

Thursday June 9 2016

A proposal to provide a more flexible policy for the use of public space in the Bega Valley Shire is now on public exhibition.

Councillors this week received a staff review of the Use of Public Land Policy that included some uses that had not previously been included, for example the increase of group and personal fitness training.

The review document includes opportunities for street busking without requiring an approval (under certain circumstances), in line with discussions with Councillors.

A new category has been included that makes provision for single events to be considered under the Policy without the requirement to seek development consent for the activity.

The opportunity to stage an event with relatively short notice to Council can now occur for those activities that are seen to have relatively minimal impacts on the community and which improve opportunities for community participation.

Any possible impacts on the community will be minimised through careful planning of these events using event guidelines that are provided as separate documentation to event organisers.

In the previous policy any proposal to locate tables and chairs on the footpath as part of an existing restaurant or café required development consent for the activity.

It is proposed that development consent will no longer be required for this activity, including the consumption of alcohol if the existing use has consent to serve alcohol.

The review of Use of Public Land (Local Approvals) Policy is on public exhibition for comment for  42 days.


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