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Blitz on misuse of disability parking spots

Wednesday 13 April 2016

Bega Valley Shire Council rangers will be paying special attention to disability parking spots in response to complaints about cars occupying the sites not displaying permits.

The rangers always keep an eye open for parking infringements but later this month and throughout May they will carry out a blitz on parking bays allocated for people with disabilities.

Senior Ranger Chris Pearson said misuse of disability parking spots is an ongoing problem throughout the Shire.

“The people in our community who have disabilities have a lot to deal with every day without having able-bodied drivers occupying spaces reserved for their use,” he said.

“The offence carries a $531 fine which is the highest penalty for parking offences and also a deduction of one demerit point.  

“Council’s Access Committee is aware of the situation and we are working with them to remind the public that it is not an acceptable practice to use these spaces unless you have a current disability permit and which is clearly displayed and visable to Council rangers.

“We will continue to undertake parking patrols for parking offences but, toward the end of April and throughout May, rangers will target vehicles that are parked in disable parking areas without a current disability permit displayed,” Mr Pearson said.


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