Have your say on draft Water and Sewerage procedures

Bega Valley Shire Council has taken a step towards streamlining and simplifying its Water and Sewerage Service policies and procedures.

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Have your say on Council’s new customer-centred water and sewerage procedures.

23 March 2022

Bega Valley Shire Council has taken a step towards streamlining and simplifying its Water and Sewerage Service policies and procedures.

The current policies and procedures have been consolidated into four draft documents outlining the process and responsibilities of being connected to a Council-owned water or sewerage network.

“The new procedures will make it easier for residents and developers to understand the rules and regulations of being connected to one of our networks,” Water and Sewerage Services Manager, Chris Best said.

“There are a number of changes included in the new procedures, so it’s important the community has an opportunity to comment on these before any final endorsement is made.

“Many of the changes focus on improved fairness and simplicity for customers experiencing a water leak on their property, and for people wanting to apply for concessions.

“The draft procedures also outline how we’ll be rolling out installation of pressure reducing valves to properties with pressure greater than 500 kPa. This will bring pressure down to a level where home appliances and water infrastructure will be protected.

“Another key change is an update to how non-residential developers pay high-usage charges, which was previously adopted to remove the need for large up-front Section 64 contributions.

“The high-usage charge will only apply when non-residential properties exceed water use and sewer discharge limits, removing the burden of up-front payments for developers.”

Mr Best said the new procedures will improve fairness in the billing structure and guide staff and customers on the correct actions required to suit individual needs.

“For quite a few years our procedures have organically grown and been added to as needs arise. The result is a collection of procedures that have become difficult to follow and understand.

“The new draft procedures are customer centred and easier to follow, and I encourage everyone connected to our water and sewerage networks to have their say during the exhibition period.”

To read and comment on the draft Water and Sewerage Services procedures, visit Council’s Have Your Say webpage.

Feedback from the consultation process will be provided to Councillors before the final policy and procedures are adopted.

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