Grants deliver more Waste Warriors at local schools

The latest round of Bega Valley Shire Council’s Waste Education Grants have gone to nine local schools wanting to champion resource recovery in the classroom.


 Bega Bin Busters from Bega Valley Public School tackle the problem of resources going to landfill.

31 May 2022

The latest round of Bega Valley Shire Council’s Waste Education Grants have gone to nine local schools wanting to champion resource recovery in the classroom.

A grant package totalling $4500 will be used to support schools participating in the successful Let’s Get it Sorted program, run with support from the Bournda Environmental Education Centre.

Council’s Waste Strategy Coordinator, Joley Vidau said the latest participants add to a growing number of schools in the shire that are taking resource recovery to the next level.

“Most of the community are aware of the need to recycle and minimise waste to landfill, but sometimes this message doesn’t filter through to changed behaviours.

“Through the Let’s Get it Sorted program, we are working with schools, students and teachers to change the focus from waste management to resource recovery.

“Students are the next generation of environmentally aware managers and we are seeing so many examples of young people encouraging change in the classroom and their communities.

“Since the program started in 2019, we have been constantly inspired by students embracing an important message and translating it into action, whether that be reducing their waste to landfill by more than 70% as seen at St Patrick’s in Bega, or increasing organics going to the Wolumla Public School FOGO bins by 65%.

“Thanks to the program and dedication of the students, Bemboka Public School last year saved an estimated 11,500 litres of recyclable products being sent to landfill. This is a huge credit to the students and teachers.

“All participating schools have reported a dramatic change in attitudes and process when it comes to sorting materials into the right bin. Thanks to the students, previously discarded products get a second life as valuable resources for everyone to use.

“We are very fortunate to have a team of dedicated waste education experts at the Bournda Environmental Education Centre, whose school visits have been instrumental in making this program a success.”

Grants may be used for a range of recycling awareness activities, such as bin audits, extra FOGO bins, purchase of recycled plastic furniture and signage to help in the correct use of bins.

The schools each receiving a $500 grant are: St Patrick's Primary School, Eden Public School, Sapphire Coast Anglican College, Wolumla Public School, Bemboka Public School, Mumbulla School for Rudolf Steiner Education, Candelo Public School, Bega Valley Public School, and Tathra Public School.

For more information on the Let’s Get it Sorted program, visit the Bournda Environmental Education Centre website.

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