Employment benefits

Maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Our people are the essence of Council and the work we do on behalf of the Bega Valley community. Supporting our people is very important to us; we want to see our employees achieve their professional goals while maintaining healthy, balanced lifestyles.

Maintaining energy and enthusiasm for our work is the key to sustaining the high standards that allow us to continue to meet the complex and often challenging needs of people and places in the Valley.

Council’s range of employment benefits are effective tools for offering that support.

Rostered Day Off (RDO) Schemes

As part of our focus on work life balance, some of our people are eligible to participate in the RDO scheme; working additional time to accrue rostered days off. Eligibility is dependent on the hours of work each person is employed under.

We offer two RDO schemes:

  • 38 hour per week employees – 9-day fortnight
  • 35 hour per week employees – 1 day per month + 3 days across Christmas shutdown period

Flexible Work Arrangements

We offer variable and flexible work arrangements to support our people in achieving a work life balance. These arrangements include part-time and job-sharing arrangements, variations to start and finish times, temporary working from home arrangements or the accrual of time in lieu.

Transition to Retirement

A transition to retirement program is available to staff aged 60 and over. Across a two year period leading up to the date of retirement. the employee may access; retirement planning workshops, financial assistance for pre-retirement financial planning advice, flexible working arrangements, alternative duties and access to leave without pay or purchased leave.

PLaCE and Service Awards

Staff success is celebrated each year through our PLaCE and Service Awards. These awards recognise the work staff do in and for the community. They highlight excellence in demonstrating the values, behaviours and attitudes that define Council’s success.

Award winners receive contributions toward professional development courses, seminars and conferences.

The investment and contribution made by long serving employees is recognised through a formal award system, including Long Service Leave, recognition at an annual staff event, gift certificate and a certificate of service and Council pin.

Parental / Maternity Leave

Eligible staff can access nine weeks parental leave at full pay or 18 weeks at half pay or make-up pay whilst receiving PPL instalments for a maximum of 18 weeks. We support staff through the transition to parental leave and upon their return to work by providing flexible work arrangements and a supportive work environment. 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an independent, confidential service that helps our people and their families manage personal problems that might otherwise impact their working lives, health, and well-being.

Salary Packaging

Salary sacrifice (pre-tax) arrangements are available to permanent full-time or permanent part-time employees and fixed term/temporary employees with continuing employment for 6 months or more. Options include;

  • Novated car leasing arrangements
  • Remote area benefits (mortgage payments & utilities)
  • Childcare payments (under a Bega Valley Shire Council run service)

Education and Training

When you join Council, you join a team passionate about staff development. Our strong focus on continual learning encourages and supports career and succession planning and skills development.

Not only will you be mentored on the job, you will also have access to targeted and specific professional development, a compliance training program and a further education scheme.

Above award pay and incentives.

In return for their contribution, staff may receive above award pay and allowances. The Award provides for a 2.5% increase each year against the standard rate of pay. It also incorporates an annual performance review process that identifies both further progression across the salary structure and development opportunities.


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