Celebrating Max’s 50-years of service in the Bega Valley

Earlier this week we celebrated Council’s Grader Operator, Max Goward’s 50-years of service in the Bega Valley.

Max Goward with 50 year service award.2 September 2022

Earlier this week we celebrated Council’s Grader Operator, Max Goward’s 50-years of service in the Bega Valley.

Council’s CEO, Anthony McMahon said Max was presented with his service award in recognition of a phenomenal effort serving his community.

“We had a great turnout of staff wanting to congratulate and recognise Max’s incredible contribution to the shire, demonstrating just how much he is respected as a leader within our workforce,” Mr McMahon said.

“It takes a special type of person to serve the community you live in for so long and to do it because it is something you love without any expectation or gratitude.”

Max started his journey with council as a labourer in August 1972 on the Imlay Shire in Eden as it was known back then.

Back then a house in Sydney would have cost an average of $23,700 and the Opera House was yet to be officially opened.

He later learned and operated a backhoe until 1977 before moving onto driving graders where he has been using his skills on our unsealed road network ever since.

“Not everyone drives our unsealed roads regularly but for those that rely on them for access they know how important it is to keep them well maintained and Max has helped us achieve that for such a long period,” Mr McMahon said.

Max has graded every unsealed road in the shire and has clocked up more than 40,000 kilometres grading our unsealed roads – that’s about the same as the earth’s circumference! 

We thank Max for everything he has done for his community.

Photograph: Max Goward with 50-years of service award.

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