Boil water notice - Brogo-Bermagui Water Supply System

Following the recent rain within the Brogo River water supply catchment, Bega Valley Shire Council has introduced a Boil Water Notice as a precautionary measure.

Tuesday 7 June 2016

Following the recent rain within the Brogo River water supply catchment, Bega Valley Shire Council has introduced a Boil Water Notice as a precautionary measure.

The Boil Water Notice applies to townships and villages of Quaama, Cobargo, Bermagui, Beauty Point, Fairhaven, Wallaga Lake, Wallaga Lake Heights, Wallaga Lake Koori Village, Akolele and also trunk main customers in these areas from 9am on Wednesday 8 June 2016.

Council recommends that all water for consumption, food preparation, cleaning of teeth and ice making should be boiled before use. Water can then be allowed to cool and stored in a clean container with a lid and refrigerated.

Dishes should be washed in hot soapy water or in a dishwasher and children should take boiled or bottled water to school.

Jim Collins, BVSC Manager of Water and Sewerages Services, said Fine suspended solids such as clay, silt and organic matter, termed turbidity, increase in the Brogo River following catchment rainfall and increased river flow.

When this happens the river pumps are turned off to allow the first flush water in the river to pass and to maintain good quality water in the system reservoirs for as long as possible.

Ultimately though the pumps need to be restarted to ensure continued water supply.

Bega Valley Shire Council and NSW Health have been in discussions about the situation and what practical measures are necessary for recommencing supply. The Brogo-Bermagui water supply system is an unfiltered water supply system with water disinfected with chlorine only.

Advice from NSW Health Water Branch was that a boil water notice should be introduced as a precautionary measure due to the elevated turbidity in the river and lifted when river water quality improves.

Council understands the inconvenience that a boil water notice causes people. We will be working with NSW Health to lift the boil water notice as soon as possible,

Mr Collins

A water filtration plant is the long term solution.

Mr Collins

Upon the river water turbidity dropping below the level recommended by NSW Health, the boil water notice will be lifted and residents advised through local media, Council's website and Facebook page at that time.

Council encourages residents to go to the NSW Health website for more detailed information on boiled water alerts.

Please note that water supplies in all other areas of the Shire are currently unaffected.

For further information please contact Council’s Environmental Health Coordinator, Greg O’Donnell on 6499 2222.

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