Bega Valley Community Strategic Plan

Bega Valley Shire Community Strategic Plan 2040. The community vision, goals and strategies for the next 10 years.

Working towards our future

Community Vision to 2040


Bega Valley Shire Community Strategic Plan 2040.

The purpose of this plan

This Plan defines our community's priorities and aspirations for the future.

It is for use by individuals, organisations, Council and other levels of government to help build a stronger and better Bega Valley Shire.


About the plan

The Bega Valley Shire Community Strategic Plan 2040 (the Plan) is a long-term visionary plan. It is the main strategic and aspirational document for our community and its purpose is to help build a stronger and better Bega Valley Shire.

The Plan was developed following extensive engagement involving around 2,000 members of our community through the Understanding Our Place project. We heard that what the community loves most about living in the Bega Shire is the natural environment and the people and communities. They explained what they value, the challenges they face living here, what they want to change, and their vision for the future.

Through our Understanding Our Place engagement and other community consultations, we know that our community is generally happy and loves living here, but that they do want to see some changes that would make our place even better.

The Plan aims to reflect what we heard, to define community priorities and aspirations for the future, and set out how individuals, community groups, Council, other organisations and levels of government will turn that vision into a reality.

In developing the Plan we also looked at the goals of the State Government's Plan "NSW 2021", the draft South East and Tablelands Regional Plan and the strategies and actions from Council’s 'Fit for the Future' Improvement Plan.

In addition, it is based on the social justice principles of equity, access, participation and rights. It aims to promote equal rights for all by achieving better accessibility and inclusion for all ages and levels of ability.

The Plan is supported by:

  • The Bega Valley Shire Council’s Delivery Program 2017 – 2021 that outlines which aspects of the Plan are under the direct control and responsibility of Council; and
  • The Bega Valley Shire Resourcing Strategy which provides the framework, in terms of time, money, assets and people, to outline how Council will deliver the aspects of the Plan it is responsible for over the four year period.

The Plan will be reviewed every four years and throughout the life of the Plan, we will be listening to our community to ensure that it continues to reflect their long-term aspirations.

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