Bega Valley Community Strategic Plan

This plan identifies our community's main priorities and aspirations for the future and outlines strategies to achieve them.

The Bega Valley Shire Community Strategic Plan (CSP) documents the aspirations and priorities of our community. It sets out a long-term vision for the region to 2042 and identifies the key priorities and strategies for achieving this.

It is the highest level plan that a council and its community will prepare under the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework.

IPR framework diagram.

The CSP is the community’s plan for the future, not just a council plan. Bega Valley Shire Council has a lead role in preparing and implementing the CSP; however, many other stakeholders also lead and support elements of the vision and strategic priorities. Businesses, industry groups, community groups, individuals and state agencies all have a role to play in reaching our shared vision.

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Towards 2042 Engagement Report

As part of the process of compiling the Community Strategic Plan 2042 over 1,900 people from across the Bega Valley Shire participated in the Towards 2042 community engagement process. This report is the summary of that community engagement.

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Performance Measures

A set of key performance measures have been developed to monitor the progress of the Community Strategic Plan 2042, which Council will track and report on at the end of this term of Council.

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Community Engagement Strategy

The Community Engagement Strategy reflects Council’s commitment to encourage open and transparent relationships between Council and the community. Through effective engagement, we can work together to achieve the best outcomes for the broader community.

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