Annual Report showcases achievements and commitment to community

Bega Valley Shire Council is pleased to announce the release and formal adoption of its 2022/23 Annual Report, a comprehensive reflection of Council's endeavours, challenges, and commitment to enhancing the local community.

brogo water treatment plant

Photograph: The Brogo Water Treatment Plant was among one of many projects delivered in the 2022/23 financial year.

17 November 2023

Bega Valley Shire Council is pleased to announce the release and formal adoption of its 2022/23 Annual Report, a comprehensive reflection of Council's endeavours, challenges, and commitment to enhancing the local community.

In the face of a challenging yet productive year, the Annual Report stands as a testament to Council's unwavering dedication in delivering projects and services that positively impact the lives of residents.

Mayor, Russell Fitzpatrick said the hard work and commitment of Council’s staff has been instrumental in achieving significant progress toward the organisation’s goals.

“Throughout the year, Council navigated the impacts of floods and global events, demonstrating resilience and a collaborative effort in delivering projects outlined in the Operational Plan 2022-23,” Cr Fitzpatrick said.

“The decision to implement a permanent Special Rate Variation (SRV) was a tough but financially responsible choice, with a rate increase of 24% for the 2023-24 financial year and 19.6% for 2024-25, ensuring future financial sustainability through extensive community consultation.

“Our commitment to financial responsibility was further underscored by successful grant funding applications, securing substantial state and federal government funding for projects such as the Merimbula boardwalk, Pambula Sports Complex, and initiatives to improve resilience in Council services and assets.

“Collaboration with funding agencies, all levels of government, and the Canberra Region Joint Organisation resulted in resilient road networks, enhanced water quality, and advocacy for government investment in community infrastructure.

“Innovation, accountability, and responsibility drove every Council project, with notable examples demonstrating a progressive use of natural resources for community benefit.

“A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with NSW councils signified our dedication to achieving a 100% renewable energy target by 2030, with additional solar panels at the Sapphire Aquatic Centre contributing to a reduced carbon footprint and reduced power bills.

“A landmark agreement with the NSW Government's Safe and Secure Water Program facilitated the planning and implementation of the Brogo Water Treatment Plant, providing treated and filtered town water to our northern customers.”

CEO, Anthony McMahon said the extensive list of achievements in the 200-page document demonstrates a prudent and committed approach to community needs and fiscal management.

“Among our key achievements we have the successful sale of Narira Village Complex in Cobargo, signalling a commitment to reinvest sale proceeds into new community housing stock,” Mr McMahon said.

“A proactive approach led to us being among the first councils selected by the NSW Government to publish road data on the OneRoad portal, enhancing community safety during crises.

“We celebrated project milestones, including our Tathra Wharf Restoration Project, 12 bridge upgrades, and sealing works at Merimbula Airport, Kameruka Lane, and Wanatta Lane.

“And, significantly, we recognise the importance of future delivery, with a major and ongoing investment in providing trainee and cadetships that boosts our skills base as much as it does the local economy.

“As we work our way through the 2023-24 financial year, a commitment to supporting the local economy, creating job opportunities, leveraging natural assets, and optimising resource utilisation remains a priority.

“We express heartfelt thanks to our committed staff, volunteers, and Councillors, as well as the community for their support and feedback on the many projects we propose and deliver.”

To read the 2022/23 Bega Valley Shire Council Annual Report, visit Council’s website.

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