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Become a volunteer, it is a great way to make a difference and support your local community.

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Council recognises and values the substantial and ongoing contribution of volunteers in the life of our community. The people of the Bega Valley have a proud history of volunteering with almost 22% of people aged over 15 engaged in some form of voluntary work. This is 9% above the NSW average of 13% (ABS Census 2021) and speaks strongly about our willingness to pitch in and help make the Shire a great place to live. Volunteering helps us maintain our strong community life, make us more cohesive and improve our social well-being.

Many organisations across the Shire are looking for Volunteers.  Go to the Community Directory to find organisations looking for volunteers. Here at Council there are over 400 volunteers engaged across a broad range of program areas. These volunteers generously provide their time, share their experience and their knowledge, and without them Council simply could not maintain the same level of services and facilities.

Council has a range of volunteering opportunities that suit most people. As a volunteer with Council you will be a part of a team that plans and delivers services and programs across the Shire. You have an opportunity to meet people, learn new skills and contribute to your local community.

Become a volunteer, it is a great way to make a difference and support your local community.

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If you are no longer volunteering or your details/circumstances have changed, complete our online form so we can update our records.

Bega Valley Shire Council Volunteering opportunities exist for the following:

  • Halls
  • Cemeteries
  • Sportsgrounds
  • Bega Valley Shire Libraries
  • Bega Valley Regional Gallery

If you are interested in volunteering for an existing group, please email council@begavalley.nsw.gov.au or contact Council on 6499 2222.

Timebanking is a community program that allows the voluntary exchange of services between members.

It’s as simple as give an hour, receive an hour: by giving one hour to helping another member, you earn one hour of time credits which can be used to receive services that are of personal value such as dog walking, ironing, community gardening, massage, language tuition, painting, administrative assistance…you’re only restricted by your imagination.

Everyone can be part of Timebanking as everyone has something to give.

Visit the Time Banking - exchange services information

Contact Details

If you have any questions regarding Volunteering, please email council@begavalley.nsw.gov.au or contact Community Development and Engagement Coordinator on 6499 2222 or email council@begavalley.nsw.gov.au


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