Tips for animal and pet owners

Tips for dog and cat owners.

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Cat Owners

The responsibilities of cat ownership are established under the Companion Animals Act 1998.

Registration and Microchipping

Kittens born after the 1st July, 1999 and any cat changing ownership after that date are required to be microchipped and registered.

When applicable cats are to be microchipped from 12 weeks of age or at the time of sale and must be registered from 6 months of age.

Keep your Cat under Control

Cat owners are not required by the Act to keep their animal inside at night. However, they are encouraged by Council’s Rangers to keep cats inside at night to protect our native wildlife (and the cat itself). The majority of cat fights and car accidents that involve cats occur at night.

Any person may lawfully seize a cat if necessary to protect a person or another animal from injury or death as well as for the protection of the cat.

Nuisance Cats

A cat that repeatedly causes a problem such as excessive or continuous noise, or destruction of property may be declared a nuisance by Council’s Rangers. Continuing offences can then result in the issue of an On-the-Spot penalty by Council’s Rangers.

Cat traps can be hire from Bega Valley Shire Council, download the Cat Trap Hire Registration Form or contact Council's on 02 6499 2222.  Please note that there are terms and conditions that apply. Refer to the bottom of the form.

Ten Essential Tips for Cat Owners

  1. Ensure your cat wears a collar and a bell.
  2. Do not allow your cat out at night.
  3. Do not allow your cat to roam.
  4. Avoid unwanted kittens. Have your cat desexed.
  5. Have new cats registered and microchipped.
  6. Do not allow your cat to enter local bushland or to attack native wildlife.
  7. Keep your cat healthy and happy.
  8. Avoid nuisance problems caused by boredom.
  9. Ask your neighbours if your cat causes any nuisance problems and correct them before they escalate.
  10. Make sure your really want a cat and are prepared to care for it before you purchase one.

Dog Owners

Register your Dog

Dogs are required to be registered after six months of age. Identification (microchipping) is a pre-requisite for registration and is required from 12 weeks of age or at the time of sale if this occurs before 12 weeks of age.

On the spot penalties apply for not registering your dog.

Pick up Dog Droppings

The owner of a dog that defecates in a public place must immediately remove the dog faeces and properly dispose of them.

Barking Dogs

Barking dogs can cause severe disturbances to the community. Where Council’s Rangers receive on-going complaints about a barking dog the animal may be declared a nuisance. On the spot fines can then apply.

10 Essential tips for Dog Owners

  1. Exercise your dog regularly in one of Council’s Off-leash Exercise Areas to avoid problems associated with boredom and anti-social behaviour.
  2. Ensure that your dog is registered and microchipped (if applicable).
  3. Always pick up your dog’s faeces from public places and other private properties and dispose of it properly.
  4. Do not allow your dog to roam at any time.
  5. Train your dog not to bark. (Council’s Rangers can help you with this matter.)
  6. Avoid dog attacks. Ensure that your dog is friendly and comfortable with other people and animals.
  7. Keep your dog under effective control at all times when in a public place.
  8. Ask you neighbours if your dog creates any nuisance problems and correct them before they occur.
  9. Ensure you choose the correct breed of dog for your circumstances.
  10. Have your dog desexed if you are not a registered breeder.

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