Licensed Builder or Owner Builder

Information to help you understand responsibilities for owner builders and licensed builders

Registered builders are insured tradesmen who manage the build including the contracting of licensed tradespeople. They are responsible for managing permits and organising inspections on your behalf.

As an owner builder, you take on many of the responsibilities of a registered builder and accept any associated financial risks.

Responsibilities include:

  • doing all or part of the work yourself, except work that must be carried out by licensed tradespeople
  • contracting out all or part of the work to tradespeople, and checking they are registered and licensed if required
  • choosing whether to engage a building consultant to independently advise you during the construction period. A building consultant can check the quality of your work and the work of those you engage
  • arranging insurance
  • occupational health and safety of workers
  • obtaining permits and organising inspections

Advantages may include:

  • more control over the project, including design
  • saving the cost of the builder’s margin
  • more flexibility

Risks include:

  • spending more money and time than expected
  • taking responsibility for the work and finance
  • facing complex situations

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