Letters of support

Request a letter of support from Council to accompany your grant application.

If you are applying for a grant and would like to request a letter of support from Council, please fill in and submit the form below at least two weeks prior to the grant round closing date.
If you have any questions about this process, please contact:

Bega Valley Shire Council
Phone: 02 6499 2222
Email: council@begavalley.nsw.gov.au

Grant support application

The relevant area in Council will assess your request and make a decision on whether or not we can provide a letter of support. The following is taken into consideration:

  • Is your organisation located within the Bega Valley Shire?
  • Alignment to existing Council priorities, strategies and policies.
  • Benefits to Bega Valley Shire local communities, for example is there an identified need for the project, service or event.
  • Potential conflicts with existing community organisations, businesses and Council

Do you need land/asset owner consent to proceed with your grant application?

A letter of support from Council does not constitute land/asset owner consent. If you require land/asset owner consent from Council for a grant application please contact the relevant manager in Council with responsibility for the asset.

If your project idea is on public land you will need to make a Use of Public Land application and you may need to seek approval through the Community Project proposal process.



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