Lake Curalo riparian restoration

Lake Curalo riparian restoration habitat action grant.

Lake Curalo, Eden


Project Summary/background

This project seeks to restore the Riparian area around Lake Curalo and its tributaries through the removal of extensive weed infestations, revegetation of the riparian area with native species. The community will be engaged through planting days and education on the impact of garden escapees to improve water quality and fish habitat.

This Project has been assisted by the NSW DPI Fisheries’ Recreational Fishing Trust’s “Habitat Action Grant Program”


The Lake Curalo catchment has been significantly developed containing the town centre of Eden, various housing developments and an industrial precinct with forestry activities being undertaken in the upper catchment. Over time, the land uses within the catchment have led to a deterioration of Lake Curalo including nutrient and sediment inflows, litter, weed intrusion and loss of riparian vegetation which has impacted water quality and fish habitat.

The restoration of riparian zones adjacent to the lake and tributaries will improve amenity, water quality and fish habitat and seeks to re-engage the community with recreation around the lake.

This project will complement other projects in the area, strengthen community engagement by providing opportunities to be involved with catchment restoration and improve the general health of the aquatic ecosystem which supports fish populations and recreational use. Council will work with and involve these existing community groups in the project.

The key outcomes of the project are:

  • Removal of key weed species from three sections of riverbank/lake foreshore
  • Rehabilitation with native riparian species
  • Community education and engagement regarding garden escapee weeds.


This project is funded by the Department of Primary Industries, Recreational Fishing Trusts - $18,900

Connection to Council's Community Strategic Plan

This project aligns with Bega Valley Shire Council Community Strategic Plan through:

  • Environment goal: Our air and water are pristine, and our natural environment and rural landscapes are protected.

Works carried out

Stage 1 works carried out were:

  • Weed control of weeds of national significance such as Arum lily, asparagus fern and cape ivy
  • Manual removal of weeds from the waterway
  • Preparation of site for revegetation.

Stage 2 works carried out included:A

  • A community planting day which including the planting of 300 plants and used 1,000 litres of water with the help fo 7 volunteers.

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Who to talk to

Rachel Duczynski
Coastal Management Officer
Bega Valley Shire Council
Phone: (02) 6499 2179


Timeline of works

The project will be undertaken in 3 stages:



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