Development Approvals

Some events may require a formal development application.

Circus tent.Some events may require a formal development application (e.g. due to the erection of temporary structures, nature of the event and size) before they can be organised. Event organisers should check with Council to see if a DA may be required.

Exempt and Complying Development

The State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 (aka SEPP) is planning legislation which includes a number of Codes that allow for certain types of specified development to be undertaken without the need for Council approval as either Exempt Development or approved under a fast track approval system known as Complying Development, if the relevant development standards are met. The event organiser should check the SEPP to determine if any aspects of their event are exempt and thus do not require a formal DA approval. For example tents, marquees or booths for community events do not require a DA if they meet the conditions outlined in subdivision 7 of the SEPP.

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