Community Resilience

Community Development is about building the resilience and strength of communities and ensuring people of all ages and backgrounds have opportunities to actively participate in community life.

As well as supporting individuals, Council also seeks to implement activities that enhance wellbeing using a whole-of-community approach, promoting diversity and inclusion, promoting volunteering, and contributing to the understanding of social issues through research and consultation.

Through our Community Development and Engagement we:

  • Develop disaster resilience supports and community led recovery practices
  • Develop and maintain cross agency relationships to ensure collaboration and communication to support community led recovery in the Bega Valley
  • Support and promote the work of volunteers in the shire
  • Coordinate the Community Directory and Community Project Portal
  • Work with community organisations to support cultural activities in the Shire
  • Coordinate Council’s youth engagement and manage the Bega Valley Youth Space
  • Seek funding to support community development activities
  • Collaborate with groups and individuals on initiatives that benefit local communities and increase community wellbeing
  • Support key community development projects addressing social issues across the Bega Valley Shire

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