Community grants program final (acquittal) report

Council's Community Grant Agreement and Conditions require all grants to be acquitted and a final report submitted.

Guidelines for the final report

The Bega Valley Shire Council provides financial support to community groups and individuals for projects that align with the Community Strategic Plan.

Why we require a report

The Final Report is an important part of your Agreement with Bega Valley Shire Council. It ensures that BVSC’s investment in your project achieves agreed outcomes and funds are appropriately spent.
Reporting also:

  • provides you an opportunity to evaluate your project and make improvements where necessary
  • informs the Council of any wider benefits to the community from your project, and
  • assists Council in assessing or developing future funding programs and policies.

What we do with your Final Report

Your report will be reviewed by BVSC staff to assess progress, performance, and achievement of the Grants Program.

Summaries (excluding financial information) will form part of Council’s Community Strategic Plan reporting and may be reported in the BVSC Annual Report and on the BVSC website.

Timing of report

The Final Report is due as outlined in Part C of the Agreement. It is very important that you meet the due date. Non-compliance with this Agreement could affect future grant applications.

About the Final Report

The Final Report is your chance to tell us about the results you have achieved.

It is an opportunity to:

  • describe the outcomes of the program, project, event or service funded, and evaluate their success (e.g., number of attendees, community feedback)
  • discuss the activities and approaches used
  • outline lessons learnt and future opportunities
  • demonstrate the outcomes via photographs and media coverage
  • evidence appropriate use of funds
  • provide additional feedback to inform the BVSC of any opportunities, issues and changes that may be relevant to future Community Grants Programs.

Photographic evidence

Photographic documentation of the project must be included in your report. Photographs must be high quality and suitable for publication online, in promotional materials or testimonials.

Suitable photographic evidence includes:

  • pictures of sites before, during and after the project
  • pictures that show volunteers in action, the community engaging with the project, and/or the items in use
  • copies of any media coverage.

All photographs should be clearly referenced and include the photographer's name it they are to be credited in any public use of the image.

Financial evidence

You must detail the actual expenditure for the project and provide evidence to ensure funds are appropriately spent. This is an opportunity to demonstrate how the project aligned or deviated from your original budget as provided in your application.

Suitable financial evidence includes:

  • a receipt or proof of purchase - which may be printed from a cash register, handwritten or electronic for online purchases
  • a tax invoice showing zero-balance payable (please note, a tax invoice with an outstanding balance does not confirm funds have been spent. Similarly, quotes are not acceptable as they do not show proof of purchase)
  • bank statements highlighting relevant expenditure.

If you have any questions, please contact the Grants Administration Officer on 02 6499 2222 or

Community grant program final report form



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