Clean Energy Plan

This Plan will focus on stationary electricity and fuel consumption associated with Bega Valley Shire Council operations.

Tura Beach Library solar panels.Why a Clean Energy Plan?

Bega Valley Shire Council (BVSC) has developed a Clean Energy Plan, with support from the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE). This plan builds on BVSC’s existing commitment to greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) reduction (which includes a 20% by 2020 renewable energy target) and provides a framework for further improvements in BVSC’s operational energy efficiency and transition to renewable energy. This plan is a key tool for the implementation of mitigation actions to be proposed in the forthcoming BVSC Climate Resilience Strategy, which is currently under preparation.

The key objectives of the plan are to:

  • Address all of BVSC ’s stationary electricity and fuel uses
  • Reduce vulnerability of BVSC’s budget to future energy price uncertainties
  • Increase energy resilience of BVSC’s facilities
  • Achieve operational cost savings
  • Leverage external funding and drive innovation in clean energy infrastructure

Provide feasible pathway options to achieve 100% renewable energy

Scope of the Clean Energy Plan

The BVSC Clean Energy Plan will focus on stationary electricity and fuel consumption associated with BVSC operations. The assessment of BVSC’s overall GHG emissions including waste management and the identification of offsetting mechanisms to address BVSC’s emission footprint will be incorporated in BVSC’s forthcoming Climate Resilience Strategy.

This BVSC Clean Energy Plan:

  • Describes BVSC operational energy consumption sectors and trends, and trends in the broader energy market.
  • Aligns with BVSC operational plans, to contribute to BVSC’s strategic direction and the aspirations of the Bega Valley community.
  • Focuses on reducing BVSC’s in-house GHG footprint through cost effective opportunities, such as energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy storage.
  • Explores the options for an offset strategy to abate residual emissions after BVSC has exhausted all cost-effective opportunities.
  • Recommends short, medium and long-term plans that focus on projects, policies and processes that BVSC should pursue in order to drive towards ambitious future GHG emission reduction goals within available budgets.

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