Bush Fire Risk Management

Following the 2019/20 summer bush fires it is understandable there is a high level of interest in bush fire hazard management.

Council is a member of the Far South Coast Bush Fire Management Committee (BFMC). The BFMC includes representatives from land management agencies across the region and is responsible for preparing, coordinating, reviewing, and monitoring the Plan of Operations and Bush Fire Risk Management Plan for their area. The committee is administered by the Rural Fire Service (RFS) under the NSW Rural Fires Act 1997. Hazard reduction works by all agencies across the shire are proposed and reviewed by the committee. The outcome is the Far South Coast Bush Fire Risk Management Plan which is endorsed by the committee. Hazard reduction works across the Bega Valley align with this plan. This is so works programs and available resources can be coordinated considering risk areas and conditions.

It is acknowledged that bushland and natural areas are highly valued by many in the community and these spaces are a key reason why many live in the Shire and visit the area. Mindful of this there is a balance in managing bush fire risk while retaining benefits provided by bushland areas.


There is a lot of useful information on the RFS Plan and Prepare webpage. It is strongly recommended that all residents have a look at this information.

In particular:

Asset protection zones


Bush Fire Hazard Reduction Enquiries

The NSW Rural Fire Service is the agency responsible for inspecting and assessing bush fire hazard and issuing notices to land owners / managers to undertake bush fire hazard reduction activities. If you have concerns about bush fire risk or hazard reduction works it is best for those to be made direct to the RFS. The easiest way to do this is by using the RFS website Reporting a bush fire hazard page or contact the Bega Valley South Coast office on 02 6494 7400. Once an assessment is done the RFS will direct the land manager to undertake works if required.

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