Beaches of the Bega Valley Shire.

Bega Valley Shire coastline.

The Bega Valley has the largest stretch of coastline of any council in NSW, and with this come various challenges. We aim to do the best we can with the resources we have. While the area is beautiful it is important that people take care and are aware of conditions and their ability (and also of those in their care). Currently Council implements the following measures:

  • Example of a Bega Valley Shire Council beach sign.Beach Access Signage - This was developed in consultation with the Statewide Mutual’s Signs as Remote Supervision guidance and includes key hazard, facility and service, prohibited activities, location and emergency contact information. There is also a reference to the SLSA Beachsafe website. These signs are installed at over 130 beach access locations across the Shire. An aspect of the Shire wide signage is a consistent approach in providing information across the many different sites across the shire.
  • Summer Holiday Beach Lifeguard Program - This is funded by a Special Rate Variation (SRV).  Lifeguard services are provided at 8 locations (in conjunction with the volunteer lifesaving clubs) during the Summer holiday period, within the scope of the available resources.
  • Beaches and Lifeguard Services - Council’s website includes information on our service locations, as well as links to local surf lifesaving clubs and  SLSA Beachsafe, which provides key beach locations, conditions, and safety information.
  • Resilience NSW and Surf Lifesaving NSW, Coastal Insights: Safer Coasts for the Future Project - Council staff are currently participating in a state government funded project reviewing coastal safety and data collection for the future.
  • Beach and Coastal Safety HubSurf Life Saving New South Wales has launched this website to provides the community with to a range beach, coastal and rock fishing safety information. This also includes games, education provider and multicultural resources.

It’s important to understand coastal environments and tidal currents as they are continually changing. The hazards created constantly vary throughout the day based on the local conditions and tidal cycle. There are times where the tide poses minimal risk to beach users, and other hazards identified on the beach access signs are a greater risk. There are times when tidal currents are more pronounced particularly when there is a high variation between high and low tides.  

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