Works and services panel

Information about Council's Works and Services procurement panel.

Bega Valley Shire Council has launched a consolidated ‘super’ procurement panel to cover all categories of civil and trade works and services, making it easier for suppliers to bid for Council work.

RFT 2021-80 Works and Services Panel replaced three former panels - Trade Services, Sewerage and the short-term bushfire recovery Civil Works panel - on 3 February 2021.

Any businesses not already signed up to VendorPanel and wishing to be accepted on the Works and Services Panel need to register with VendorPanel first, See step 1 below.

If your business is already registered with VendorPanel you can proceed to step 2 and apply for the RFT 2021-80 Works and Services Panel.

Existing members of the Trade Services, Sewerage or Civil Works panels will need to reapply.

Once registered, businesses can access and download all information relevant to RFT 2021-80 Works and Services Panel.


Pre-Tender Meeting

A pre-Tender meeting was held at the Bega Valley Commemorative Civic Centre on Wednesday 24 February 2021 at 3:00pm and again at 5:30pm to provide more information about the new panel. This meeting was recorded and can be viewed below.


Works and Services Panel Categories

The Works and Services Panel covers reactive and scheduled maintenance works, and project-related works under the following categories. More information on category definitions can be found in the tender documents on VendorPanel.

  • Category 001 General Building Supplies, Construction, Installation and Maintenance
  • Category 002 Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Category 003 Tree and Vegetation Management
  • Category 004 Demolition and Asbestos Removal
  • Category 005 Metalworks
  • Category 006 Concreting
  • Category 007 Electrical, Data & Communications and Security Systems
  • Category 008 Fencing, Gates and Guardrail
  • Category 009 Landscaping, Irrigation and Paving
  • Category 010 Road Maintenance and Construction
  • Category 011 Marine Maintenance and Diving
  • Category 012 Plumbing, Drainage and Gas Fitting
  • Category 013 Signage
  • Category 014 Environmental and Heritage Consultancy
  • Category 015 Architectural and Drafting Services
  • Category 016 Civil Structures
  • Category 017 Quarry and Aggregate Supplies
  • Category 018 Professional Engineering Services
  • Category 019 Water and Sewer Network Maintenance and Construction
  • Category 020 Services Location and Exposure
  • Category 021 Street Furniture
  • Category 022 Survey Services
  • Category 023 Traffic Management
  • Category 024 Solar


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