A-Z Recycling guide for residents

Colour guide

General Waste - Place in your red lidded bin. These items cannot be recycled and go straight to landfill.
Recycling - Yellow lidded bin. Recycling goes up to Canberra recycling for processing.
Waste and Recycling Centre - Recycling or Reuse Shops- Take to the Waste and Recycling Centre for free recycling. Staff will direct you to where to drop off your items. Please note some items are accepted at the discretion of waste staff. Please check our website for what items can be accepted at our facilities.
CRC - Community Recycling Centre. These items can be taken to our Community Recycling Centre at Merimbula free of charge. Keep an eye out for our mobile recycling centre.
HCC - Visit our Household Chemical CleanOut information or call Council on 02 6499 2222 for help with this item.
Call Council - Please contact Bega Valley shire Council on (02) 6499 2222 for advice on appropriate disposal methods.
FOGO (Food Organics Garden Organics) - Green lidded bin. Items in this bin go to our organics processing site to be made into amazing compost for our community.
Landfill - Can be taken to the Waste and Recycling Centre for safe disposal. These items go straight to landfill.
Garden Waste - Garden waste can be dropped off at Bermagui, Eden, Merimbula, or Wallagoot Waste and Recycling Centres where it is reprocessed at Merimbula Waste and Recycling Centre and turned into compost or mulch available for sale.
E-waste - Can be taken to any Waste and Recycling Centre, however items taken to Merimbula, Bermagui, Wallagoot and Eden Waste and Recycling Centre go to Canberra for recycling. It is not free to dispose of e-waste, there is a small charge for e-waste items. Waste vouchers can also be used.
Soft Plastics - Soft plastics such as chip packets, muesli bar wrappers and glad wrap can be taken to Coles or Woolworths supermarkets for recycling. PLEASE NOTE SOFT PLASTICS RECYCLING IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
Container Deposit Scheme - Return and Earn - Eligible items such as aluminium drink cans, some plastic drink bottles containers and some glass drink bottles can to the Return and Earn Collection Points located at Bega, Cobargo and Tura Beach. Containers should be empty, uncrushed, unbroken and with the original label attached. This is not a service provided by council. Please see the Return and Earn website for further information.

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Cane Baskets

2 3 13

Car batteries

Car parts (metal)

2 3


CD/DVD & Floppy Drives

1 3 8

Cereal boxes
2 3

Chip packets
1 12

Cleaning products

Clothes Dryer

Clothing & shoes

Coat Hanger Plastic

Cockroach baits

Coffee cups disposable - not recyclable due to plastic liner

Coffee jars/tins
2 3

Computers & accessories


Cooking oil


CRT/LCD Monitors

Cutlery (metal)

Cutlery (plastic)
1 8

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