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Recovering from a Natural Disaster

Hear from Anne Leadbeater a resident of Kinglake Victoria and a survivor of the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires.

Anne has been working with communities across Australia and across the world to help them recover from natural disasters. Anne is here to share her wisdom with us.

Watch the full interview at the bottom of this page or choose the part that you think will help you the most. Note, you can come back and listen to the other parts when and if you need support.

Don't forget reach out to friends and family or visit the Recovery Support Service for extra support.


Bega Valley Shire Council: Kinglake bushfire survivor Anne Leadbeater shares her wisdom...


Part 1 - Impressions with Anne Leadbeater.

Part 2 - Talking on loss with Anne Leadbeater.

Part 3 - Talking to each other with Anne Leadbeater.

Part Learning and self care with Anne Leadbeater

Part 5 - The nature of recovery with Anne Leadbeater

Part 6 - Talking on bush fire brain with Anne Leadbeater

Part 7 - Phases of Recovery with Anne Leadbeater

Part 8 - Generosity with Anne Leadbeater

Part 9 - Getting through this with Anne Leadbeater


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