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More work at Kisses Lagoon

Wednesday 6 April 2015

Rehabilitation work at Kisses Lagoon in Bega continues with removal of willows and other weeds at Kisses South Lagoon and its adjoining wetland.

Bega Valley Shire Council’s Coastal Management Officer, Kyran Crane, said the works at the South Lagoon will be similar to the works undertaken at the main lagoon last year.

Scheduled works will include mulching and lopping the dead willows and privet around the lagoon margins, control of other environmental weeds and replanting the area with native vegetation.

Rehabilitating Kisses Lagoon to support a healthy population of native wildlife is a priority, and the removal of invasive plant species that clog and choke waterways is a key component of improving wildlife habitat.

Works are due to commence next Wednesday, 13 April 2016, and are likely to last for three days. The public are asked to stay clear of the area during this time.

This project has been jointly funded by the NSW Environmental trust, Local Land Services and Bega Valley Shire Council. Further information is available from Kyran Crane on 02 6499 2164.


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