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Subdivision Certificates

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Subdivision Certificates

A plan of subdivision divides a parcel of land into parts for separate use. It can only be prepared by a Registered Surveyor. The land to which the plan refers assumes the lot and plan number as its new title.

NSW Land Registry Services (LRS) is the key provider of land information services in New South Wales.

A plan of subdivision generally cannot be registered by LRS unless it has a subdivision certificate

Use the NSW Planning Portal to apply for a Subdivision Certificate. 

A Subdivision Certificate certifies that a plan of subdivision has been completed in accordance with the relevant development consent conditions or complying development certificate in the case of complying development. It also authorises the registration of the plan of subdivision with NSW Land Registry Services.

Application Checklist

Please provide a copy of the following documents when submitting the application. 

  • Plan of subdivision
  • Deposited Plan Administration Sheet
  • Development consent or Complying Development Certificate, including approved plans
  • Construction or Subdivision Works Certificate
  • Compliance from the relevant water supply authority
  • Section 88B Instrument (where applicable)
  • Other Legal Documents (where applicable)
  •  Final occupation certificate (where applicable)

How to apply for a Subdivision Certificate



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