Still time to complete recovery needs survey

Many of those at the centre of our region's bushfire recovery effort have responded to the opportunity to make their individual needs known.

Burnt Gums painting by five year old Ottilie Richardson of Towamba Public School.
Artwork: Burnt Gums by 5 year old Ottilie Richardson of Towamba Public School

22 July 2020

Many of those at the centre of our region’s bushfire recovery effort have responded to the opportunity to make their individual needs known.

“The needs survey went out to everyone who has registered with our recovery support service (with an email address) late last month and so far we have received over 360 responses,” said Chris Horsburgh, Council’s Recovery Project Lead.

If you did not receive an email, you will receive a phone call from the Red Cross inviting you to complete a paper copy.

“We have around 1,900 people registered with the support service, all with different levels of need and this survey is allowing us to respond to the most immediate and pressing unmet needs.”

Council has partnered with Service NSW and Resilience NSW to develop the short survey, which has strengthened the connections between recovery agencies and those needing support and allowed for a more tailored response.

“The size of the task we are all responding to is enormous and perhaps only matched by the depth of emotion people are feeling and the complexity of their individual situations,” Mr Horsburgh said.

“But that doesn’t mean we aren’t up to the task or that we shy away from the responsibility I think we all feel as members of this great community.

“Through your responses on completed surveys, we are aware that people are still in need of drinking water, accommodation support, sanitation, mental wellbeing, rebuild information, property access and more. We are making initial contact with survey respondents to determine the most challenging need and how those needs can be best met in the shortest timeframe.

“There is a lot for people to deal with at the moment, but we are hoping that those who haven’t had a chance to complete the survey yet will be able to soon,” Mr Horsburgh said.

The survey will be available to complete online until early August.

“That said, our door will always be open. The work of the Bega Valley Recovery Support Service will continue for a number of years and respond to the evolving needs of the community,” Mr Horsburgh said.

“Thank you to everyone who has completed the survey so far. Asking for help can be confronting for a community that prides itself on it’s ability to make good and find solutions, but it is natural and normal to need a hand in these exceptional circumstances.”

Friends, family and community members can contact the Bega Valley Recovery Support Service on behalf of others, phone 6499 2345 or email – 

The community can also check Council’s website and Facebook page for updated news and information and subscribe to Council’s weekly recovery eNewsletter.

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