Reservoir and water main cleaning underway

MEDIA RELEASE 2022 - A program to clean Bega Valley Shire Council’s 51 drinking water reservoirs is underway.

A diver at work, cleaning one of Bega Valley Shire's 51 drinking water reservoirs
A diver at work, cleaning one of Bega Valley Shire’s 51 drinking water reservoirs

1 March 2022

A program to clean Bega Valley Shire Council’s 51 drinking water reservoirs is underway.

Started last week, the Council-funded program will maintain water quality levels for town water customers in the shire.

Council’s Water and Sewer Assets Coordinator, Paul Ronan said the shire’s water reservoirs are cleaned every two-years.

“While we are in the process of planning, designing and constructing improved water treatment plants at numerous locations, it’s important that we maintain the existing assets,” Mr Ronan said.

“Our 51 drinking water reservoirs sit between trunk mains—the pipes used to transport water from the source—and the treatment facilities, before feeding clean drinking water to properties connected to a town water network.

“Just like rainwater tanks at home, our reservoirs develop a layer of sediment over time and require regular maintenance to supply drinking water of a consistent high standard.

“We have engaged expert contractor, Waters Marine to conduct the cleaning, which started this week on the southern Tantawangalo-Kiah water supply system.

“Cleaning will move onto our Bega-Tathra system, followed by the Brogo-Bermagui system soon after, with works expected to finish before the end of March.

“Purpose built diver-controlled vacuum machinery will be used to clean the reservoirs, ensuring the process will not adversely affect water quality or supply during the cleaning process.

“For our out-of-town trunk main customers, we are also in the process of conducting a flushing program to clean and maintain this important part of the network.

“Flushing of the Yellow Pinch trunk and reticulated network started last week, and the Yowaka, Kiah and Eden flushing program started on Monday this week.

“Flushing of water mains will have a slight effect on water pressure for trunk main customers, as well as occasional aeration and turbidity of the supply during works.”

Reservoir water levels will not be affected by the cleaning works. For more information on trunk mains, go to:

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