Rural Aid

Rural Aid provides critical support including water, fodder (hay), financial and counselling assistance to help farmers (primary producers) who endure drought, flood and fire. Our counselling services and community programs also help to create more sustainable and resilient rural communities as we work towards stronger futures for all Australian farmers. Established in 2015, following the highly successful Buy a Bale campaign, Rural Aid is committed to supporting and empowering rural communities to rebuild, repair and thrive both during and after natural disasters. Rural Aid has become one of Australia’s largest rural charities and is founded on the principles of compassion, hope, reverence and determination.

Financial Assistance

Rural Aid provides a one-off $1000 payment to farmers to assist them with bills and living expenses. Complete a simple online application form

Pre-Paid Visa Cards

Rural Aid can also provide pre-paid Visa cards to eligible farmers for use in their local communities.


Rural Aid offers free, confidential wellbeing counselling to registered farmers. Rural Aid counsellors are available to conduct their meetings with farmers ‘on-farm.’ They also offer phone counselling sessions. Rural Aid counsellors can have casual chats about farmers’ overall wellbeing or provide professional advice to help farmers navigate a crisis.


Rural Aid sources and delivers fodder for primary producers when there is a localised need for assistance.

Domestic Water

Rural Aid coordinates domestic water deliveries to assist farmers in need of household water.

Farm Army Volunteers

Rural Aid offers a job-posting platform called Farm Army that connects volunteers with farmers who need an extra set of hands.

Educational Resources

Rural Aid runs a series of Live Chats where rural ‘community builders’ share knowledge of the ways their region is thriving.

Other Support

Rural Aid can also help with specific support measures to meet primary producers’ individual needs. These are measured on a case-by-case basis.

What information will you need to receive assistance with Rural Aid?

Primary Producer Declaration (within the last 12 months)

Current ABN in your name

Current PIC Number (where applicable) in your name

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