Indigenous & Multicultural

Aboriginal Land Councils
Jigamy,4381 Princes Hwy,Broadwater NSW 2549 Keeping Place,4381 Princes Highway,Broadwater NSW 2549 13 Umbarra Rd,Wallaga Lake NSW 2546
1 Cemetary Rd,Wallaga Lake NSW 2546
General Health Services
South East Regional Hspital,Virginia Dreive,Bega NSW 2550 25 Bega Street,Bega NSW 2550 25 Bega St ,Bega NSW 2550 25 Bega St,Bega NSW 2548
Indigenous Housing & Accommodation
Jigamy Farm,Princes Highway,Broadwater NSW 2551
Mental Health
101-103 Bega Street,Bega New South Wales 2550 25 Bega Street,Bega NSW 2550
Social Groups and Clubs
Red Cross Building,Church Street,Bega NSW 2550
Support Groups/Services
49-61 Church St,Bega NSW 2550
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