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An agency-based service for those who are willing to attend appointments in Bega. The service is open to people with a diagnosed mental illness, aged between 16 and 65 years old and who have low support needs. The program provides improved service access to community, social, health, leisure and recreational opportunities. Support to access vocational, educational and employment services is also a key element of the program. The program operates via a recovery approach. An NDIS provider.  http://www.flourishaustralia.org.au  02 9393 9115, 1300 779 270 (general)  bega@flourishaustralia.org.au

We provide psycho-social rehabilitation for people with a mental illness. Specifically, we assist people with a mental illness for whom support and access to services will facilitate the movement to socially inclusive living and studying or working within the community. We also work with people with a serious mental illness who require ongoing recovery focused social, leisure and recreation activities, assisting the person in remaining connected or regaining connection with their community.

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Entry is free and it is available for non-profit groups and organisations.


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