North Tura Beach Residents Association Inc. (NTBRA)

Representing the North Tura Beach community's interests, in recreational amenities, infrastructure, services and bush fire protection.

NTBRA was incorporated in 2017, principally as a conduit and advocate to Council of representative community views on the management of a small ( 3 hectare ) section of the 80 hectare Tura Coastal Reserve which provides access to beach steps at The Point (off Bournda Circuit) and Dolphin Cove. For example, in addition to many submissions and meetings with Council representatives, NTBRA presented a petition of 400 local North Tura resident signatures in support of amendments to the Site Management Plan (SMP) for this area zoned RE1 - Public Recreation. Negotiations with council area onging and include volunteer working bees to rehabilitate a neglected re-growth area of degraded bushland.  NTRBRA has also made succcessful representations to retain an important street post office box which Australia Post wanted to remove. NTBRA has also provided a detailed submission on the draft new 5-year Bush Fire Risk Management Plan for the Bega Valley in view of proximity to Bournda National Park.  NTBRA is also sponsoring a Community Fire Unit (CFU).

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