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Foster care Foster carers are everyday people who have a heart to help children and give them a future full of hope. Anglicare are looking for foster carers who: Truly enjoy caring for children and young people Enjoy parenting and are open to learning new and different ways to parent foster children Are non-judgemental, accepting and compassionate Have hope and belief that things can change Hold a commitment to help children overcome stress and trauma No child should be without a loving home. Especially during a national crisis. BECOMING A FOSTER CARER Wherever possible, children who are not able to live with their parents are placed with relative or someone close to them. When this is not possible, children are placed with a foster carer. As a foster carer, you are expected to: Provide a safe, supportive and nurturing home environment Provide the best possible care and emotional support to meet the child’s everyday needs Help the child maintain a relationship with their parents and other family members Support the child in their education and recreational activities


Anglicare acknowledges that there is an alarming over representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in out of home care. Statistics show that the rate for Indigenous children is almost ten times higher than that of non-indigenous children.

Anglicare understands keeping Aboriginal children culturally safe and supported  through connection with their country, family, kinship network, culture, land and community is vital for their holistic wellbeing and healthy development.

We are currently looking to recruit carers who are committed to supporting and caring for Aboriginal children as part of their transition back into family and community. Anglicare acknowledges the importance of keeping children connected with Country and Community and are guided by a cultural safety practices framework. We also work alongside Aboriginal-controlled foster care agencies.

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