Bermagui Marine Rescue

Shop 8, Fishermans Wharf, Lamont St, Bermagui NSW 2546 Bermagui is a small town on the Sapphire Coast with lovely beaches and fishing opportunities. With the continental shelf only 20 km offshore, Bermagui’s blue waters are famous for deep-sea and game fishing including yellow fin tuna and marlin, and estuary fishing in the surrounding rivers and lakes. BG30 is a Steber 38’ model and has been assisting the boating community of Bermagui and surrounds since being launched in January 2013. BG30 is equipped with the best radio communication, navigation and RADAR equipment and is part of the large fleet of vessels that Marine Rescue operate on all popular waterways in New South Wales. Boaters can be reassured that when the sea conditions are unkind or lives are at risk, Marine Rescue Bermagui and BG30 are on hand to render assistance.BG30 Our volunteers Currently we have 33 regular members and 1 Provisional
6 x Watch Officers
5 x Masters
4 x Crew
4 x Trainee Crew

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