Katungul Aboriginal Corporation Regional Health And Community Services

9.00am - 5pm Monday to Friday

https://www.katungul.com.au/ Katungul Aboriginal Corporation Regional Health and Community Services currently has three clinics that offer medical, dental and specialist services; one in Narooma, Bega and Batemans Bay. Outreach programs and specialist programs are still in place to aid the Koori people. Bateman Bay Clinic  9188 5265 Narooma Clinic 4476 2155 Bega Clinic 6492 0532  


The National Disability Service (NDIS) is a Federal Government scheme that provides funding support to people living with a disability and their carers.
Katungul Aboriginal Corporation Regional Health and Community Services is NDIS accredited and is helping members of our community walk through every step of the NDIS process, to access disability support.

Katungul NDIS can help with a range of services, including the following: 

• Help with forms and documents

• Make and attend appointments with you

• Advocate and liaise on your behalf

• Help you identify the supports you need 

• Work with you to purchase equipment and access programs



For more information or advice, contact or visit your Katungul clinic.

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