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The Justice Advocacy Service needs volunteers. Justice Advocacy Services (JAS), is dedicated to supporting clients with Intellectual Disability Rights (IDRS) for 20 years. We are a free service and a not-for-profit organisation and support people who have Cognitive Impairment needing help with legal problems. We are currently looking for Volunteers across NSW who will support JAS Clients at court or police stations/correctional centres.   Volunteers need to be flexible and available at least one day per fortnight (Monday to Friday’s 9am to 4pm). Comprehensive training is available to all volunteers, so no prior experience of the justice system is necessary. We are a Centrelink approved organisation. More information about volunteering can be found on our website: www.justiceadvocacy.org.au   Our volunteers are great communicators, non-judgmental and empathetic. They are retired people, students, people looking to enter the workforce, people working part-time, people with lived experience. The work that JAS does wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful volunteers. Would it be possible for one of our staff members to give a talk, or share more information/flyers with people who might be interested in volunteering for our service?   Many thanks for your assistance,

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