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Rural bin collections

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Project overview

Many people in rural areas are dependent on regular trips to waste transfer stations as they do not have a kerbside collection service.  This makes it challenging for community members to manage their waste, and much of what is normally collected in a recycling bin is often assigned to landfill.

Councillors resolved in February 2021 to expand our collection program for rural customers.

This will introduce a kerbside collection service or bin bank service to 1100 rural households across the shire.

Starting in the shire’s north, due to the closing of the bushfire-damaged Cobargo transfer station, we are in the process of drafting designs and identifying key bin bank locations.

Kerbside and bin bank collections will offer rural customers easy access to general waste and recycling bins, vastly improving our capacity to divert recyclable product from landfill.

Staff are busily working on designs and an update will be provided to those residents who will receive the service once the detailed designs have been finalised.  It is anticipated that some infrastructure will be in place and ready to use by July 2022.


The funding for this project will be provided by Bega Valley Shire Council.  All rateable assessments in the Bega Valley Shire pay a Waste Management Charge to cover the cost of waste management services including: operation and maintenance of transfer stations and landfills, delivery of waste minimisation programs, and rehabilitation of legacy landfill sites.

Council’s Waste Strategy Recycling our Future focusses on various waste management strategies aimed at diverting waste from landfill through waste minimisation and resource recovery. In February 2021, Council made a commitment to achieving the initiatives of the strategy, by resolving to upgrade existing waste transfer stations and invest in resource recovery and waste processing infrastructure.

Aside from site upgrades, a 30-year financial model for waste services also identifies the cost for remediation of more than 20 legacy landfill sites, and an expansion of the existing kerbside collection service to rural landholdings. Increases to waste charges are a reflection of our community’s ambition to provide a sustainable future for waste services.

Connection to Council's Community Strategic Plan

This project is connected to numerous outcomes in Council’s Community Strategic Plan. These include: Sustainable long-term service delivery, innovative approach to waste management, minimise waste to landfill, increase recycling and resource recovery, environmental protection, minimise public place litter.


Tracey Kane
Waste Project Manager
Bega Valley Shire Council

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