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Council to reclassify Bemboka house land

Friday 15 September 2015

A property that was formerly the Bemboka Community Health Centre and home of the district nurse is set to be reclassified so that Bega Valley Shire Council can then move to resolve to sell the property and allocate the money to community benefit.

Council became the owner of the property in 2007 after the Department of Health had no further use for it and the local community lobbied to keep it as a community facility.

General Manager, Leanne Barnes said that there had been a commitment by a local community group to lease the facility, undertake necessary works on the site and operate and manage the facility for the local community.

However, this had not eventuated.

“The property has never been used and is a cost and risk to Council,” Ms Barnes said.

“In mid-2004 the Department of Health began a process to sell the building in Hoskins Street as it was excess to requirements and after community concern, Council resolved to accept dedication of the old Community Health Centre in 2007, on the basis that it be held for use as a community health facility for Bemboka. 

“It also resolved that Council formally accept the offer from the NSW Department of Health to transfer the former bush nursing home to Council ownership and that the property be classified as community land.

“The property was classified as community land upon dedication to prevent a sale by Council and a positive covenant was lodged over the land to ensure that it was used for this purpose.”

As the building has remained unused and deteriorating since 2004, Council staff have investigated options available to have the covenant removed and the land re-classified from community to operational. 

“We believe the Bemboka community would benefit from the property being sold with proceeds allocated to works at the community hall with a portion allocated to health property projects in the Shire,” she said.

Council will apply to Health Infrastructure to have the positive covenant lifted and once that is achieved it will prepare a planning proposal for consideration by the Department of Planning to have the land reclassified from community to operational.


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