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Community Projects

Community Projects

The Bega Valley is strong because of the diversity of people who live here that have passion for projects that make our Shire a better place.

The Community Project page is set up to be a place where you see community led projects in action in your area.

Do you have any unique skills, knowledge or talents that can be channelled into a community project?

Whether you simply want to know what is happening in your area, or you want to give your community project a plug and attract more volunteers, then the Community Project page is for you!

Projects can be listed in the following (6) categories. Your project might fall into multiple categories just do your best to pick the focus or priority for the community project, we picked the following categories as they are the areas identified by the community as priority areas for our Community Strategic Plan.

Project Legend:

  1. Active and Healthy Community - include things like a sporting, cultural or wellbeing projects
  2. Employment and/or Learning - include things like a further education, business support, recurring workshops or special interest projects
  3. Sustainable living – including community gardens, energy saving projects, waste reduction or healthy waterways projects
  4. Liveable places - including housing affordability, community safety or town beautification projects
  5. Connected communities - including community transport, helping others or improving communication projects
  6. Strong, consultative leadership – including development for your local leaders, capacity building for community groups or good governance projects.

After looking at the projects listed do you have any unique skills, knowledge or talents that could be channelled into a community project? Tap/click each project listing to see how you can get involved.

This is for projects only, If you are hosting an event then you can add it to our Events Calendar and if you are a community group don’t forget to add your listing to the Community Directory

If you have a project idea and it is on Council land or you need some assistance read our Community Project Proposal page and apply

If you need assistance please email the Community Development and Engagement Team


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