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Cocora Beach ready for this summer and many more

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Cocora Beach ready for this summer and many more

Friday 12 August 2016 Cocora Beach rehabilitation works have been completed.

Bega Valley Shire Council has completed rehabilitation work on one of the region’s favourite beaches.

Cocora Beach, off Ida Rodd Drive in Eden is a popular spot for local and visiting families.

Considered a safe swimming beach, Cocora also boasts a playground, picnic tables, BBQ’s, toilets and cold showers.

However over time the beaches’ dune system has suffered as a result of its popularity.

“The area of dune next to the formal car park had become increasingly degraded by foot traffic, lack of native vegetation and stormwater run-off,” Kyran Crane Council’s Coastal Management Officer said.

An Aboriginal work crew under the guidance of local contractor Paddy Farrell carried out the works which are designed to mimic the natural form of the beach and dune system.

Fences and formalised walkways have also been constructed to direct foot traffic away from sensitive areas, and replanting of native vegetation will strengthen and further protect the coastal environment in the long run.

“The result is a balance between the needs of this fragile area and the interests of the community,” Mr Crane said.

“Our hope is that overtime the works will make that strip of beach more resilient as a storm barrier, better protecting nearby roadways and other public assets.”

These works also compliment what’s already been achieved at Cocora Beach around the starting point of the Bundian Way, an ancient Aboriginal pathway linking the Snowy Mountains and the sea.

The project was jointly funded by Bega Valley Shire Council and the Office of Environment and Heritage. It forms part of Council’s larger dune restoration and rehabilitation program which has seen improvements to dunes at Short Point, Fishpen, Tathra Beach and Aslings Beach.

Photograph: Cocora Beach rehabilitation works have been completed.


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