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Bin thinking of upsizing or downsizing?

Three bins. Upsize or downsize your bins to suit your lifestyle of business needs.
Upsize or downsize your bins to suit your lifestyle of business needs.

3 November 2021

A flexible option for residents and business owners to upsize or downsize their bins is now available in the Bega Valley Shire.

The initiative allows people to increase or decrease general waste, recycling and green bin sizes to suit lifestyles and business needs.

Council’s Waste Strategy Coordinator, Joley Vidau said many benefits come from offering a choice.

“I think most people have been in a situation where any one of their bins is full half-way into the week and they need to take the excess to the tip,” Ms Vidau said.

“If this is you and it happens fairly regularly, you may want to think about increasing your bin size, or even ordering an extra bin.

“We also have many residents who do everything they can to minimise waste to landfill and they are rolling out near-empty red bins every fortnight. These people can now choose to downsize their red bins.

“Downsizing any of your bins comes with the added benefit of decreasing your annual waste services fee, while increasing your bin size or adding an extra bin will cost a bit more.

“One of the main reasons for introducing this new service is to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. Choosing a bigger yellow or green bin and a smaller red bin really challenges people to think about waste in a different way.

“It’s small changes made at home that can lead to major changes for the community. We are already seeing plastic reduction moves being made by the major supermarkets and the Australian Government—all these changes started with consumers making responsible choices at home.”

“It’s easy to change your bin sizes, just fill out a simple form on Council’s website or the free Bega Valley Waste App.

“If you live in a rental property or lease a commercial premises, you will need the permission of the property owner to make any changes.

“With Christmas and the inevitable overflowing bins just around the corner, now is a great time to be thinking about changing your bin size.”

To learn more about the savings or additional fees associated with changing your bin sizes, go to the Bin Service page on Council’s website.

To change the size or number of bins to suit your needs, fill out the form on Council’s website, or use the free Bega Valley Waste App. If online access to the form isn’t possible, call Council on 6499 2222.

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