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The Road to Recovery

Dr Rob Gordon is a clinical psychologist who specialises in trauma. He has spent the past 30 years working with people impacted by disasters, such as bushfires. You might like to take your time to view and listen to some of the resources listed below:

Video Series - Travelling the Road to Recovery

In this video series, Dr Rob Gordon discusses the emotion and emotional stages you may experience after a crisis such as a bushfire.

Click on this link to view the video series

Podcast - Trauma  Dr Rob Gordon and Anne Leadbeater OAM

This enlightening podcast will help you better understand the impact of trauma on people’s lives, how to deal with trauma and how to help others with their recovery. 

Click here to listen to the podcast

Red Cross Webinar Videos

Red Cross have hosted recovery webinars with Dr Rob Gordon. Recordings of these webinars can be found on the Red Cross Youtube channel.

Topics include:

You can find upcoming webinars and events on the Bega Valley Together Recovery Events page.


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