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Regional Retail Revamp revisited

Retail Revamp book cover.

4 March 2020

Retail Revamp visual merchandising expert, Carol Bagaric will be back in the Shire next week to help rejuvenate and revitalise Bega Valley retail businesses, with two free workshops on offer.

“The workshops will be located in Bega and Bermagui, but we can’t stress enough that any retail business in the Bega Valley is welcome to attend,” Council’s Manager of Economic Development, Daniel Murphy said.

“Carol was here in October last year and the feedback from those workshops was enthusiastic and very positive.”

Carol has been helping businesses to activate and transform their retail spaces for more than 20 years, creating amazing customer experiences and optimal sales environments.

The first hour of the workshop covers tips and tricks that can be applied to make an immediate difference to any business, with particular attention to external, shopfront and specific inside settings.

The second hour covers the good, the bad and the ugly, including before and after photos. Carol will also demonstrate how to be innovative on a low budget, and show what other towns are doing to revitalise their streets.

Participating retailers will also benefit from a one-on-one consultation with Carol, where she visits the business and spends between 30-45 minutes discussing in-store transformations.

“At the end of this workshop, business owners will understand how to increase customer foot traffic and ultimately how to increase sales through a solid visual merchandising strategy,” Carol said.

“A bonus of these workshops is that they can brings business communities together and challenge the way a community thinks of its town.

“By bringing a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective, a town can potentially be turned around by providing the skills, the tips and tricks and more often, the much needed motivation to get businesses moving in the right direction.”

The Regional Retail Revamp workshops are an initiative of the Bega Valley Shire Council and the Bega Valley Innovation Hub.


BEGA - Wednesday 11 March

7.30am-9.30am - Bega Valley Innovation Hub (above Dan Murphy’s)

Book now on the Bega Valley Innovation Hub website


BEGA Twilight main street walk – Wednesday 11 March

Book now on the Bega Valley Innovation Hub website


BERMAGUI - Thursday 12 March

7.30am-9.30am - Dickinson Oval Pavilion, Lamont Street

Book now on the Bega Valley Innovation Hub website


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