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Bega Eden Merrimans (BEM) Liaison Committee

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Bega Eden Merrimans (BEM) Liaison Committee


The BEM Liaison Committee is a Section 355 committee under the Local Government Act. ‘BEM’ stands for Bega, Eden and Merrimans. The Committee is a strategic level committee that works in partnership with Council to advance the cultural, environmental, social and economic interests of local Aboriginal people. The Committee is a formal advisory body of Council for the purposes of considering, discussing and advising on the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding between Council and Local Aboriginal Land Councils.


Section 355 BEM Liaison Committee Guidelines as adopted by Council on 7 August 2019

Committee Members

The Committee is comprises up to a total of nine members consisting of two representatives from each Local Aboriginal Land Council, the Mayor or representative and two members of Council staff.

At each meeting three youth representatives, one appointed by each Local Aboriginal Land Council Board may attend as observers.


The Committee meets no less than two times per year.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes


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