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Eden, Twofold Bay and Towamba River Flood Study

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Eden, Twofold Bay and Towamba River Flood Study

Burrage Bridge on the Towamba River.What is the study about?

At Bega Valley Shire Council we know some parts of the Local Government Area (LGA) are more prone to flooding than others and we’re committed to finding solutions to reduce the social and economic damages of flooding. With the assistance of the State and Commonwealth Government we are currently preparing a flood study for Eden, Twofold Bay and parts of the Towamba River.

The flood study will involve developing flood models to represent the flooding resulting from catchment rainfall and ocean storms. The key areas included in the study are:

  • Impacts of ocean storms on the foreshore and low lying areas around Twofold Bay and Lake Curalo;
  • Stormwater and creek flooding in Eden; and
  • Flooding from Towamba River and it’s tributaries at Wyndham, New Buildings, Rocky Hall, Burragate, and Towamba.

The computer based flood models will be built using digital terrain data to represent the landform of the catchment and creeks as well as bathymetry representing the bed conditions of Twofold Bay and Lake Curalo. Rainfall and ocean conditions from past flood events will be used to recreate these events and calibrate the results against historical flood levels observed by the community across the study area.

Why does it flood?

Flooding within the study area can occur for different reasons.

In the upper catchment along the Towamba River and its tributaries flooding is generally the result of prolonged rainfall causing the rivers and creeks to overtop their banks causing flooding of roads, bridges and private properties.

In the lower lying area of the study area such as Boydtown and the foreshore of Twofold Bay flooding can be caused either by the river flow coming down from the catchment or ocean storms and high tides, often it can be a combination of the two.

In addition, local flooding can be caused by intense short bursts of rainfall. Areas of Eden are known to have experienced flooding where stormwater can not be contained within the existing pipes and channels.

Why undertake a Flood Study

The preparation of a flood study will help Council to understand the existing flooding problems. It will also help to identify where flood management measures may be best implemented to reduce the cost of flooding to the community, assist with emergency management and evacuation processes and guide future development in a way that is compatible with the flood hazard.

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