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Know Your Standards

Tuesday 2 June 2015Know Your Standards Week poster.

Bega Valley Shire Council has partnered with the Community Drug Action Team to promote safe drinking standards as part of the upcoming Know Your Standards week.

The two organisations will share an information tent at the next SCPA Markets held at Littleton Gardens, Bega.

Council’s Acting Library Coordinator, Anne Cleverley said that Know Your Standards Week will promote awareness of alcohol and standard drinks through a range of activities held in NSW public libraries.

“People can visit the stall and use a kit to find out how many standard drinks are in their typical alcoholic drink,” she said.

“All Shire libraries have collections with plain English information about drugs and alcohol related issues, including information to help parents and carers talk to young people about drugs and alcohol,” Ms Cleverley said.

Paul Brunton from the Community Drug Action Team said the aim of Know Your Standards Week is to provide community members with information and resources to improve their knowledge of standard drinks.

“Learning more about the effects and impact of alcohol can help you make better decisions about drinking,” he said.

More information about Know Your Standards Week is available at or visit your local library.

The Know Your Standards information tent will be at the Friday 5 June SCPA Markets held in Littleton Gardens, Bega.


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