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Managing Fire-Affected Waste

Bushfire-affected material is being sorted and processed at Bega Valley Shire Council’s Central Waste Facility (CWF) in Wanatta Lane, North Wolumla. Earlier this year Council worked with State Government agencies and local residents to develop a new emergency landfill cell to take the bulk of waste.

The emergency landfill cell and associated resource recovery sorting pad are dealing with:

•          Asbestos-contaminated material estimated at 47,000 cubic metres (32,000 tonnes)
•          Non-asbestos contaminated material estimated at 74,000 cubic metres (51,800 tonnes)

This material is from more than 2000 burnt structures including homes, sheds and outbuildings, not including burnt vegetation. This is more than four times what Council would normally place in landfill in a year.

The CWF was selected as the most suitable site to take fire-affected material because of its capacity, access and having all necessary environmental controls in place.

The sorting and processing of non-asbestos contaminated material will occur on site until 31 December 2020 and there is currently no planning approval to continue after that date.

The State Government is encouraging all impacted Councils to recover as much recycled content as possible.  With this in mind, Council has included sorting areas to ensure as much non-asbestos contaminated material can be recycled as possible.  This processing has been approved until 31 December, 2020.

Public roadside vegetation clearing program

Work is underway across the shire, with crews operating in the north and south. Where appropriate we’re taking an environmentally-friendly approach to retaining vegetation on site as a sediment control or habitat.

Bemboka and Cobargo tips

We understand how keen these communities are to see their tips operational again after being impacted by fire. The extensive and critical works and systems at the Central Waste Facility have been a priority for Council’s waste team over the past few months.  We’re hoping soon to be able to turn our attention to Bemboka and Cobargo tips

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