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Managing Fire-Affected Waste

Bushfire-affected material began arriving at Bega Valley Shire Council’s Central Waste Facility (CWF) in early April in an important step towards helping residents rebuild their lives after summer’s devastation.

Material is currently being deposited in the existing landfill cell, while Council works with State Government agencies and local residents to develop a new emergency landfill cell to take the bulk of waste.

Final approvals for the new cell at the existing Wanatta Lane CWF, north of Wolumla, are being worked through now.

The emergency landfill cell and associated resource recovery sorting pad will deal with:

•          Asbestos-contaminated material estimated at 47,000 cubic metres (32,000 tonnes)
•          Non-asbestos contaminated material estimated at 74,000 cubic metres (51,800 tonnes)

This material is from more than 2000 burnt structures including homes, sheds and outbuildings, not including burnt vegetation. This is more than four times what Council would normally place in landfill in a year.

The clean-up is likely to take about a year. There will be an intense period of around eight weeks initially during which most of the clean-up will occur, then a quieter period.

The CWF was selected as the most suitable site to take fire-affected material because of its capacity, access and having all necessary environmental controls in place.

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