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Strategic Planning Aims

Bega Valley Shire Council’s strategic planners prepare the documents that implement land use zones for the Shire. Strategic planning aims to maintain the natural values and character of the area, while creating a place of opportunity and investment for business and those who live in and visit the Shire.

The Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plans are the two main strategic plans that guide planning and development at a local government level. All plans must be publically exhibited following their preparation and before adoption by Council. 

Local Environmental Plans

Local Environmental Plans apply either to the whole, or part of the Shire. Local Environmental Plan's divide the area they cover into zones, such as rural, residential, village, industrial, recreational and business zones. For each zone, the Local Environmental Plan gives a list of objectives for intended uses in that zone. Each zone lists the types of development within that zone that are either: Permissible without development consent, permissible with development consent, and prohibited.

The current environmental planning instrument is the Bega Valley Local Environmental Plan 2013.  It covers all land within the Bega Valley Local Government Area.

Development Control Plans

Development Control Plans further the objectives of the Local Environmental Plan by providing detailed land use requirements and guidelines and spell out where different types of development may be permitted. In accordance with changes to the planning system in NSW, Council is also currently preparing a single Development Control Plan which will cover all land in the Shire.

In preparing these documents planners are informed by existing local plans, policies, reports and strategies as well as relevant State legislation.

Socio-economic and demographic factors, such as population forecasts, are other similar important factors that are taken into account when preparing strategic plans.

Go to the Development Control Plan page for all the current development control plans.

Extensive Framework

The regulations and agencies involved in planning, zoning and development assessment can be complex. Responsibility for planning mainly lies with state and local governments. The hierarchy starts with the:

The planning legislation and environmental planning instruments (including Local Environmental Plans) can be amended or updated at any time by the State Government so it is important that you access the most current version by downloading it directly from the NSW Legislation website.

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