Bega Valley Shire CouncilBega Valley Shire Council

Senior Staff Structure

Council’s General Manager, Leanne Barnes is responsible for the implementation of Council’s policies as well as the administration and management of all Council day-to-day business. The General Manager reports to the Council (Councillors).

The General Manager is supported in the role by three directors and an executive manager. The directors and executive manager report to the General Manager and form the Leadership and Executive Group. The group is fondly referred to as LEG by staff.

  • Leanne Barnes, General Manager for the Bega Valley Shire Council.

    Leanne Barnes
    General Manager

    Key Responsibilities: Leadership group; Strategy; External liaison; Secretariat; Civic functions; Councillors; Governance; Probity; Conduct; Internal audit.

  • Dr. Alice Howe
    Director Community, Environment & Planning

    Key Responsibilities: Communication and Events; Libraries; Regional Gallery; Community Development; Brighter Futures; Ageing & Disability; Volunteering; Bandara Children's Services; Eden Early Learning Centre; Mobile Preschool; Planning and Sustainability; Certification and Compliance.

  • Anthony McMahon, Director Assets and Operations for Bega Valley Shire Council.

    Anthony McMahon
    Director Assets & Operations

    Key Responsibilities: Water and Sewer; Leisure and Recreation; Waste Services; Major project delivery; Strategy and Assets; Works including roads, bridges, drains, paths and marine structures; Plant & Fleet management; Tenders and Contracts; Flood planning; Property Services; Cemeteries & Halls.

  • Iliada Bolton, Director Business and Governance for Bega Valley Shire Council.

    Iliada Bolton
    Director Business & Governance

    Key Responsibilities: Finance; Economic Strategy and Projects including industry liaison, grant coordination and tourism industry liaison; Information Communication Technology (ICT); People and Govenrnance including employee services, integrated planning reporting (IPR) and risk mangement; Revenue and Customer Services; Regional Learning Centre; Bega Valley Commemorative Civic Centre.

What we do:

Provide and maintain community facilities such as:

  • Parks and sportsgrounds
  • Playgrounds and skate parks
  • Sapphire Aquatic centre Pambula and swimming pools throughout the shire
  • Sports and recreation facilities throughout the Shire
  • Local libraries in Bega, Bermagui, Eden and Merimbula
  • Preschools and Childcare centres in Bega and Eden, and our Mobile service for Candelo and Bemboka
  • Merimbula Airport, Bega Saleyards and Cemeteries throughout the Shire We care for the environment by:
  • Managing and enhancing bushland areas
  • Providing environmental and waste education and recycling services
  • Responding to pollution incidents and prosecuting polluters
  • Monitoring the water quality of the Shire’s estuaries
  • Planting trees and controlling noxious weeds
  • Beneficially recycling and reusing treated effluent

We create a safer place to live by:

  • Maintaining and improving roads, footpaths and stormwater drains
  • Working with emergency organisations such as the Rural Fire Service, State Emergency Service, NSW Police and NSW Surf Life Saving
  • Managing the keeping of companion animals
  • Inspecting food premises
  • Treating and supplying drinking water to our community
  • Treating sewage to a high standard to protect human health

We enhance our community by:

  • Listening to community views
  • Holding citizenship ceremonies, Australia Day Celebrations and the Seniors week luncheon known as the Golden Gig
  • Offering services for seniors, young people, new migrants and people with a disability
  • Providing grants to community organisations
  • Supporting local community groups such as sporting clubs, arts, migrant groups and charities
  • Encouraging and promoting volunteering in our communities

We plan for the future by:

  • Planning and managing the urban environment
  • Preserving heritage sites
  • Consulting with the community about its needs
  • Developing long term strategic plans for Council and the Shire


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